Your one-stop shop for professional flagpole, rigging, and steeplejack services. For four generations, we have worked on flagpoles throughout the United States and overseas, climbed high structures to perform repairs and maintenance, and accessed hard-to-reach areas to conduct inspections. We also sell U.S., state, and custom flags, and have extensive gold leafing experience.

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Jim Phelan on a flagpole


We provide clients with a safe, cost efficient alternative to erecting scaffolding or hiring a crane. We work with engineers, architects, and our clients on new and existing buildings, and assisting with historic restorations. See example of our past flagpole, rigging, inspection, and tower projects.


San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco’s human sky scraper

Kansas City Star

Jim Phelan worked atop a 40-foot flagpole on the Commerce Bank building in downtown Kansas City.

San Jose Mercury News

Steeplejack Jim Phelan, of Pacifica and owner of J.C. Phelan Company, is the third generation family member who keeps the legacy of climbing flagpoles for living.

El Paso Times

Jim Phelan slowly makes his way down the 180 foot flag pole in northeast El Paso at the ‘Flags Across America’ site.

The City Exposed: No Room for Fear

With the sidewalk 720 feet below him and nothing but clouds above, Jim Phelan takes a look at a damaged cotter pin on top of the flagpole on San Francisco’s third-tallest building.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Jim Phelan began at the top of the pole which is 942' 6" above Union Street, then worked his way down using a rigging of straps to keep himself from sliding down.

San Francisco Chronicle

For years, Phelan was an ironworker whose moniker was “Spider Man.” Today, the gregarious guy with long curly hair, a mustache and goatee installs flagpoles, inspects towers and solves high-altitude rigging dilemmas.

UC Berkeley NewsCenter

Jim Phelan dangles off the side of the Campanile, getting ready to remove the hands from the west clock face for repairs. But getting to that point required hours of planning, preparation and improvisation.


Known for the their loud blasts during game day touchdowns, a set of 49ers foghorns from the very top of Candlestick Park was dismantled by steeplejack Jim Phelan.

Kansas City Star

The wind was blowing hard. A news chopper hovered overhead as a clutch of rooftop spectators stared up as Jim Phelan swayed on a flagpole 520 feet above the street.


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